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For the convenience of our visitors we offer the opportunity to become a member of the Amico|di|Casa club. The membership provides the following advantages:

  • • Special client status and the opportunity to use Orizzonte, Čaika Slowbeach, Čaika Blue, Madam Brioš and Della Mamma services;
  • • The option to reserve in advance suntan chairs at Čaika Slowbeach
  • • A discount for meals, rent services and kids club activities
  • • Secure payments with your club card without the need to carry cash.

You can arrange to get an Amico|di|Casa club card at the hall administrator in cafés in Riga and Jurmala.

Julius Meinl coffee – In 1862, Austrian businessman Julius Meinl opened his own coffee shop in the centre of Vienna and started to make wonderful coffee blends and to roast them for his growing customer base.

These magnificent coffee blends are very distinctive with their strong taste and excellent depth and quality, which is why the fame of Julius Meinl has subsequently travelled around the world.

During its 150 years history the name of Julius Meinl coffee hasn’t faltered from its main purpose which has always been to make the highest quality coffee imaginable. And so, even now this label is one of the leading coffee mixes manufacturers in the world!

„Kusmi” tea is one of the most recognised in Europe with its history starting in 1867. Pavel Kuzmicev’s ”Kuzmiceva tea house”was founded in St Peterburg, It gradually grew in popularity until it became the official supplier of tea for the Tsar of Russia!. After the Russian Revolution in 1917 the tea house was moved to Paris.

Thanks to its high quality, perfect aroma and unique taste, the Russian born and French manufactured “Kusmi” label tea is very distinctive and special and more than satisfies even the most elegant of tea connoisseurs.

Tea is so much more than just a drink. it is also widely considered a food and of course had been recognized for its medicinal qualities for hundreds of years and is also considered an important ritual in many cultures. We invite you to travel with us in the world of tea and to share the special experience of tea with us!

Here at Madam Brioš we have a daily assortment of tempting bread – crunchy baguettes, soft loaves, nourishing rye bricks and the most delicious buns. We understand that bread is often perceived to be an unhealthy food and given that it is so delicious, this can be extremely frustrating.

We would like to share a secret with you – we actually need to eat bread! Since ancient times bread is one of the most important foods in our daily diets. It contains necessary and valuable nutrients: amino-acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, fats and cellulose. It is therefore important that we don’t deny ourselves the pleasure of crunchy crusts and fresh bread. We are meant to enjoy it! Instead of denying ourselves we need to choose the “right” kind of bread, for example, real whole meal bread. Wholegrains preserves cellulose meaning that the bread contains more microelements, B group vitamins and protein. Bread that is supplemented with healthy extra bits such as bran, buckwheat, seeds, nuts and vegetables is even better for us and is made to be enjoyed!

Bread really is a very important food product, especially when it is chosen wisely and correctly. Look out for our special offers – hand-made bread baked from whole meal flour, cultures and healthy extra bits to make it even more delicious and healthy.

The La Finesse menu has been created after consulting with pharmacists from the Latvian Dietary Association in order to achieve optimal balance in the menu’s composition. It is designed to provide an optimal supply of protein, vitamins, minerals and cellulose for our bodies.

The meals are cooked with extreme care (through stewing and steaming) in order to save the most of the food’s nutritional value. Only the finest pressed olive oil is used and a minimal amount of salt and no refined sugar whatsoever. The menu is healthy for the heart and very effective for those who want to look after their figures.

You can choose any of the meals specifically or combine them. For food combination diet followers we suggest you choose meat or fish with light green salads, while legumes and cereals.